Emanet Epizoda 678 sa prevodom

Nedim followed Nana and found out that Yaman is still alive. He went to kill him but Nana was close to him. Yusuf asks Nana where Yaman is and when he will come. Ferit is still having a hard time thinking that he lost his brother. He spends time with Dog. .

Yaman and Nana are surprised when they see an old man who came to help him. Yaman calls Ferit, Ferit is shocked but overjoyed.

After Yaman finds out that Nedim is to blame for everything, that he caused the accident and everything, and that he tried to kill him but couldn’t, Yaman is surprised when Nedim gives him a gun and tells him to punish him, but he couldn’t. kill him. Will Yaman kill him?
Emanet Epizoda 678 online. Emotivci Emanet Epizoda 678 sa prevodom online Besplatno HD Skinuti, Gledajte turske serije Emanet Epizoda 678 sa prevodom na mreži u HD kvaliteti na NaTabanu. Uvijek ćemo biti prva web lokacija za objavljivanje najnovije besplatnog sata i preuzimanja.

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